Requirements & Rider

Requirements & Rider


The Lindy Hop All Stars (LHAS) are delighted to be performing for you! In order to ensure the integrity of our performance and the safety of our dancers, please be advised that we request the following:

Dance surface

Client must provide a wooden or marley dance floor. For our *optimal show we recommend a wooden dance floor. If the dance surface is not wooden or marley, LHAS must be informed and approve of the dance surface before signing of contract.

The dance surface should be no smaller than the minimum dimensions specified by LHAS, which will depend on the number of dancers in the performance and type of dances demonstrated.
Recommended minimum floor dimensions:
2 couples: 12’ X 18’
3 couples: 14’ X 24’
4 couples: 16’ X 30’

*Optimal – Due to the nature our dances, flooring is of great importance for us to showcase our footwork at it’s best. Some of our routines also include acrobatic lifts, tosses and other fancy tricks many of which require the optimal flooring situation.

Dressing/changing area

Client must provide a dressing/changing area for LHAS. The dressing area should include table, chairs, mirrors, functioning electrical outlets, lighting, hanging rack for costumes, private bathroom and/or sink/washing area. If any of these items are not available, we must be informed in advance of the situation.

We request that the changing area be near the dance floor for ease and efficiency of costume changes. However, if this is not possible, please inform LHAS of distance between dressing area and the “stage”, and configuration of performance area (e.g., whether there will be a backstage area, etc.).


Client must provide drinking water for LHAS for any length event whether a 15 min show or 1.5 hr show.
Suggested Guidlines: 2 liters per dancer, in dressing area, before or upon arrival of dancers.
If our performance terms require our presence at your event for a period beyond 3 hrs, we will likely need to have food available to us especially if we are travelling from out of town. If you will be providing eats, we suggest healthy nutritious foods like whole fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes and whole grains as they are always appreciated by our health conscious dancers.

Sound and Floor Check

LHAS request a window of time ending no less than 1 hour before performance is scheduled to start in order to run through the performance on the dance floor. We need this time to do sound check and to assess the quality of the dance floor in order to make any necessary last-minute adjustments


If you are interested in having our performance videotaped, that should be discussed prior to the event. We generally are happy to have our show videotaped provided we are provided with a copy of the raw footage and/or final edited results. Please keep in mind that any broadcasting or distribution of our performance must be approved by us. We reserve all rights to our performance and still images.


Thank you, and enjoy the show!!!