Charleston and Lindy Hop

The Ultimate Collective of Swing Specialists

Air Steps and Aerials

These fellas can jump!

Great Gatsby Style

At The Swing Remix Spectacular in NYC

The Big Apple Routine

The Jazz Age Routine

At the Swing Remix Spectacular in NYC

Featured At

1920s Style

Team Showcase

Great Gatsby Party

1920s Fashion

The Rose Theater

The Rhythm Stompers LIVE

New Year's Eve

At the Castle Royale

USO Style Shows

The Ultimate Collective of Swing Specialists

Hollywood Style Dancing

These ladies can swing!

Golden Age of Hollywood

The Dames

The Soft Shoe Act

These fellas can kick!

The Fellas

The Fellas

Soft Shoe Routines

The Fellas have a wonderful collection of soft shoe routines and they’re smashing in their white jackets and formal wear!


The Great Gatsby at Castle Royale

The Great Gatsby at Castle Royale

Charleston Style

The Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve at the Castle Royale was smashing featuring Jazz Age Charleston routines and Swing Era Lindy Hop routines.

Cotton Club Girls

Cotton Club Girls

Sultry is the name of the game

If Hot, Sizzling and Sultry is your game, check out these chorus girls. They provide a style of dance that was prominent during the Jazz Age – ┬áthe 1920’s