A Century of Swing

Our longest running show features dance styles that grew out of America from the 1920s to the 1960s. It’s a presentation of social dances that begins with the Roaring 20s Charleston and continues through to the 1960’s Line Dances. Our presentation showcases these most creative American born jazz dances.

Clips from an assisted living center (1920s – 1950s)

Clips from our Gatsby 1920s style presentations

clip from The Westchester County Center show (The Majestic – 1960s Dance crazes)



Begins with an introduction by our narrator who speaks throughout the presentation of dances. Beginning with some of the earliest jazz dances, our demonstrations will include The Charleston, Chorus Girls acts, The Collegiate Shag and Balboa, The Lindy Hop and Jitterbug and certainly a few line dances from the 1960s, the period in our history when almost on a weekly basis a new dance craze would capture the nations interest.


  1. Opening number Hollywood routine (company)
  2. 1920s Charleston/Shag  (solo routine)
  3. Lindy Hop (solo routine)
  4. The Dean Collins Shim Sham (partial company)
  5. Lindy Hop (solo routine)
  6. Tap Dance
  7. The Big Apple (company)
  8. Balboa Routine (partial company)
  9. Rock ‘n’ Roll number (solo routine)
  10. Lindy Hop (solo routine)
  11. The Madison (company)
  12. The Madison (solo routine)
  13. Lindy Hop (company finale)


(minimum 6 dancers)

Choreography Credits

Roddy Caravella, Matt Bedell, Paolo, Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh, Gabriella Cook, Adrienne Wiedert and additional contributions from the entire cast.


Running time of our full show is 40 min.

For prices and for references from our last showcase, please email us and I will gladly forward you information!