Highlights Reel 2013-2017 The Rhythm Stompers & Lindy Hop All Stars

Swing Highlights  Paolo & Laurentina

Jazz At Lincoln Center Concert The Rhythm Stompers

Electro Swing by Alice Francis with The Rhythm Stompers dancers  

Sun Valley Jumpwith The Rhythm Stompers Swing Remix Dance Spectacular 2015  

Fan Dance at Urbo with The Bathtub Ginnys  

Dancing to Hula Lolo with The Rhythm Stompers at Midsummer Night Swing  

Swingin’ Charleston to Clamjammer with The Rhythm Stompers Swing Remix Dance Spectacular 2015  

Ric Mysterie Music Video featuring several of our team members  

Dancing to Sun Valley Jump with The Rhythm Stompers at Arts Fest  

Swingin’ The Big Apple with the Lindy Hop All-Stars Midsummer Night Swing 2013  

The Rhythm Stompers perform Apollo Jumps (multi-cam HD) Pier 54 in New York City 2014  

Charleston Jazz Dance Performance Pier 54 New York City 2013  

Big Apple Flips Midsummer Night Swing 2008  

Lindy Hop Routine Bugle Call Rag Pier 54 New York City 2010  

At The Hop Performance of Rockin’ Robin New Jersey (dance school showcase) 2007

Rockin Robin with The Rhythm Stompers dancers  

We would like to extend out sincerest gratitude to you for helping to make our Midsummer Night Swing season such a success!… We received many compliments from patrons expressing how much fun they had during your lesson! It was due to your professionalism and dedication that we were able to create such a memorable evening for our audience.

Bill Bragin

Director of Public Programming, Lincoln Center

Thank You and your Entire Troupe for an exciting and wonderful addition to the year’s GALA…..

Barry Cosel

Director of Development, Winthrop University