DITTA: Dance Imagined Through The Ages is a new immersive interactive show presented by Jumpin Entertainment and Lindyland. The show travels through the ages by demonstrating the  evolution of social dance. DITTA opens in the ROARING TWENTIES and covers the CHARLESTON, THE PEABODY and the FOX TROT. Dance Styles continue to be featured as each ERA is covered through to the DISCO ERA 1970s.

Director: Paolo Pasta Lanna Dancers

Emcee Voiceovers: Matthew Piazzi

Locations: Thompson Theater Barn Newman Springs Road Lincroft NJ

The Admiral Room at The Marin Buffalo NY

Midsummer Night Swing Damrosch Park Lincoln Center

Videographers: Paolo & Tybaldt

Video Editing: Jumpin Entertainment LLC JumpinEntertainment.com Lindyland.com