The Roaring 20s Show

The Lindy Hop All Stars latest show features dances from the turn of the Century to the 1930s

This show is a presentation of social dances that begins with a 1920s Blues number that captures the sultry, provocative Flapper Girls and continues throughout the period know as the Roaring 20s.


1. Ladies Blues number

Scene 1: Cocktail Hour in an underground “Speakeasy.”

The ladies (dressed in provocative flapper dresses) begin with a sultry collection of dance moves set to blues music fitting for the time period. This stylistic choreography from these fabulous ladies will knock your socks off if you have any pulse. Towards the end of their number, the Fellas (dressed as gangsters) begin surrounding the ladies adding to the daring, underground and rebellious atmosphere. A police officer rushes in to chase out the gangsters and break up the party. The performers would then scuttle out and onto the next scene.

note on the flappers:
……..The shorter hair and more provocative clothing made the flappers recognizable to other, older members of society.  The attitude of the flapper consisted of a fast life character and sexual behavior.  Flappers smoked, drank, and participated in many new dances that had never been seen before.  Those flappers who could afford it would often be seen driving cars because cars were fast and risky which perfectly fit the personality of these women……..


2. Charleston Show Girls number

Scene 2: On Main Stage
3 minutes

This number will feature the girls first with a very energetic and stylish Charleston.

3. Collegiate Shag group number

3 minutes

This Charleston and Collegiate Shag routine is a partnered performance. Couples dance a syncronized routine which is very period and very accurate with it’s styles of the 1920’s. For this dance the feet move in a synchronized fashion and the upper body is often very motionless compared to the legs. Very entertaining.

4. The Lindy Hop

3 minutes

This number will feature a knockout routine with some fabulous steps and some high-flying acrobatics. Although the Lindy Hop only began to make it’s appearance towards the end of the 20’s it will still be accurate and appropriate for this period. With the music chosen, it is just right for this era while creating a striking contrast from our first set of numbers.


(minimum 8 dancers)

Choreography Credits

Roddy Caravella, Paolo, Evita Arce, and additional contributions from the entire cast.


Running time for this show is 25 min.

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