A colorful and captivating day presenting this remarkable show for Salute To Seniors at the Westchester County Center. A Total of 10 dancers from the Rhythm Stompers & The Lindy Hop All-Stars. Eight dance numbers in total that included a recreation of the Rip It Up scene from Don’t Knock The Rock, The Dean Collin’s Shim Sham, The Madison Time along with dance styles like the Collegiate Shag, The Charleston, The Lindy Hop and The Balboa. And they were all masterfully represented!

Special thanks to our Master of Ceremonies Roddy Caravella who kept everything light hearted when we has some short delays in the program. And our dancers just Rocked The Stage! Adrienne, Rafal, Gaby, Rachel, Kevin, Paolo, Jenifer, Samuel, Lauren! Thank you all! Photos by Anita Saha