For the Battle of the Big Bands celebration on the Intrepid 2016, the Rhythm Stompers showcased a routine danced to a specially edited version of Lord Hear Me Now by Gordon Webster. When the DJ accidentally played the incorrect (full version) we took to notice at the 1:15min mark and at that moment, we were left with two choices. Do we start over or forge ahead? Indeed we persevered with our showcase.

For 2 years, I let this simmer until I could get over the distress of having one shot at this and accepting what had happened.¬†Today Feb 28th, I edited the footage and synced it up with the music that the routine was designed around. Keep in mind that the dancers are performing to a score that didn’t match their choreography. (you’re not hearing what they’re listing to in this edit).

Thanks to all the dancers who were incredibly good sports, performing the biggest tricks and sequences while odd portions of the music blared on. Kudos to all on this team for your herculean efforts to stay on track. And I’m proud to finally release this version that showcased the piece as originally envisioned .

Rafal & Adrienne, Paolo & Rachel, Chad & Lily

Opening sequence: Paolo
Balboa: Chad Mills
The St. Louis Shag: Adrienne Weidert & Rafal Pustelny
Ladies Solo: Adrienne Weidert
Fellas Solo: Paolo
Music by Gordon Webster
Song: Lord Hear Me Now
Video Editing: Jumpin Entertainment LLC ©2019